Minerva Shelton



Minerva Shelton

Let’s make history,
and elect El Paso’s First Female Sheriff

I humbly declare my candidacy for El Paso County Sheriff, driven by a resolute determination to revive public confidence and revolutionize the Sheriff’s Department. With unwavering commitment, I pledge to rebuild trust by instilling visibility, transparency, and accountability at every level. Together, we shall forge a department that safeguards our community’s well-being, protects individual rights, and ensures justice for all.


  • Military Veteran
  • El Paso Police Veteran
  • Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent
  • Board Member of Several Nonprofit Organizations
  • Raised Two Children with My Husband and Currently Live with Our Fur Babies
Checks can be mailed to:
Minerva4Sheriff, PO Box 12442, El Paso, TX, 79913. 

*Donor address, employer, and occupation is required for all political donations. Sorry, business checks will not be accepted.

“The People’s Sheriff”
The Sheriff Our City Needs!

About Minerva

With over 25 years of law enforcement experience, Minerva Torres Shelton will bring that experience and passion for service to El Paso County’s Sheriff Office and to the people of El Paso County. In 1997, Minerva began her law enforcement career with the El Paso Police Department.  But, after September 11, 2001, she joined the FBI. During her twenty-one years in the FBI, Minerva gained valuable experience in leading investigations on  violent crimes, human trafficking, counterterrorism matters, gangs, trafficking of drugs, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.  She ended her career as a field supervisor in the FBI’s El Paso field office. But, Minerva’s journey for justice began when she was nine years old.

I’ll never forget my father’s hushed conversation with my mother at the kitchen table.  Being a curious nine-year-old, I listened at a distance, but the pain and worry in my father’s voice compelled me to lean in closer.  That evening I felt something I had never felt before—indignation—because my father was wrongfully accused of owing his boss money. Unfortunately, my father lost the case and had to pay money that he never owed, money that as a former migrant worker, was very difficult to come by. 

This one incident awakened something inside of me and as a young woman fueled a lifelong pursuit of justice for the innocent, for those that most need protection, children, youth, women, disabled, —for every citizen. 

I’ve had the distinct privilege of serving my country when I enlisted in the U.S. Army, then served my community when I was in the El Paso Police Department, and then served on a greater scale when I became an agent for the FBI.  I have learned many things throughout my years of public service in all these amazing organizations—but I never forgot something I learned back in my childhood.  To lean in and listen to the voices of the innocent.  To look into the eyes of those who are being exploited, particularly the youth who are being lured into lifestyles they never thought they would be caught up in.  Yes, throughout the years, I learned to see the bigger picture, but I have also been able to see beyond, to the heart of the problem.

I love El Paso, this is my city, my home.  As I have lived and served in this community, I have been able to see the problems that have plagued this city for years.  However, I have a firm belief that as your Sheriff, the beautiful people of El Paso and I can make a powerful team to create a promising community for future generations.  With my unmatched experience and your vote, we will bring that same passion that has driven me to the Sheriff’s Department of El Paso. 

Checks can be mailed to:
Minerva4Sheriff, PO Box 12442, El Paso, TX, 79913. 

*Donor address, employer, and occupation is required for all political donations. Sorry, business checks will not be accepted.

Minerva’s Vision



  • Conduct a full inspection of the budget and determine best practices
  • Conduct inspection of SO teams and determine best practices
  • Conduct a full inspection of policies and procedures and compare to other departments around the country to fine-tune the policies and procedures

Community Policing

  • Create and foster a culture of community policing
  • Develop community partnerships with the citizens we serve
  • Develop cases and leads based on the relationships with the community
  • Strengthen community confidence by exceeding the community’s expectations


  • Ensure personnel and specialty teams have the necessary equipment and training to perform their duties effectively
  • Continue to educate, train, and equip employees to exceed professional standards
  • Continue to support specialized staff training and invite subject matter experts for continuing training and instruction
  • Offer frontline leadership courses to all staff (Support Services)
  • Encourage mentoring at every level of the agency (Support Services)
  • Provide mentor training to all supervisors and management personnel
  • Revamp recruitment by building a robust recruiting program in the high schools
  • Target colleges, military, and academies with recruitment
  • Promotions will be based on merit and not on who you know. Promotional packets will include:
    • A community policing project or a project focusing on policy or procedure recommendations that will improve the quality of the organization
    • Mentorship requirements
    • Jail assignments to train and mentor detention officers
  • Foster a culture of teamwork. Cliques harm the organization and will not be tolerated


  • Create a traffic enforcement team to reduce accidents and DWI’s
  • Create a quarterly roundtable discussion with community leaders/professionals to discuss best practice
  • Foster mentoring and cross-training at every level of the agency
  • Ensure specialty positions are rotated to give others the opportunity to grow and learn
  • Create partnerships with other law enforcement agencies to ensure professional development, growth, and multi-agency cross-training
  • Increase patrol visibility throughout the community.


  • Implement technology that will provide visibility and transparency
  • Update the Sheriff’s website (making it more user friendly and relevant)
  • The Sheriff’s website will be fully updated to provide detailed information on crime stats, the SO’s budget, and department needs.

Jail/Annex facilities

Establish partnerships with state, local, contracted vendors, and community entities for:

  • In-custody mental health services
  • Implementation of technology and programs to reduce in-custody suicides
  • Reduce the wait times in booking
  • Create a relief team of retired licensed jailers to assist with courts and transportation.
  • Expansion and collaboration with public and private education providers for inmate programs
  • Creating community partnerships for inmate vocational training and internships to assist with employment upon release to the community

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