Minerva Shelton




El Paso is a vibrant community with a rich cultural heritage, and its safety is paramount for the well-being of its residents. Minerva Torres Shelton, a candidate for Sheriff, is dedicated to enhancing public safety through a comprehensive and modern approach. With over 25 years of experience in law enforcement, Minerva’s vision for 2024 includes integrating advanced technology, fostering community engagement, and implementing innovative crime prevention strategies. This blog will delve into her detailed plan for creating a safer El Paso.

Integrating Advanced Technology

  1. Smart Surveillance Systems:
    • Minerva plans to deploy high-resolution cameras with advanced analytics capabilities in high-risk areas. These smart surveillance systems will help monitor suspicious activities in real-time and provide crucial evidence for investigations, thereby deterring criminal behavior and enhancing public safety​(Minerva4Sheriff)​​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  2. Body-Worn Cameras:
    • Equipping officers with body-worn cameras is a key part of Minerva’s transparency and accountability strategy. These devices will record interactions between law enforcement and the public, helping to build trust and resolve disputes objectively​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  3. Automated Reporting Systems:
    • Automating administrative tasks through advanced reporting systems will allow officers to focus more on community engagement and crime prevention. These systems will also improve data accuracy and provide real-time insights into law enforcement activities​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  4. Drones and Aerial Surveillance:
    • Utilizing drones for aerial surveillance will enhance the Sheriff’s office’s ability to monitor large areas, gather intelligence, and respond to emergencies efficiently. Drones will be particularly useful in search and rescue operations, crowd monitoring, and disaster response​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.

Leveraging Data-Driven Strategies

  1. Crime Data Analytics:
    • By analyzing crime data, the Sheriff’s office can identify patterns and trends, enabling proactive policing. This data-driven approach allows for strategic deployment of resources to prevent crime effectively​(Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  2. Predictive Policing:
    • Predictive policing uses algorithms to forecast where crimes are likely to occur, allowing for targeted interventions and resource allocation. This approach enhances the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts by focusing on high-risk areas​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  3. Performance Metrics:
    • Establishing clear performance metrics and regularly reviewing them ensures that the Sheriff’s office operates efficiently and meets community expectations. These metrics include response times, crime clearance rates, and community satisfaction levels​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.

Enhancing Training and Professional Development

  1. Advanced Training Programs:
    • Minerva plans to introduce training programs that cover cybercrime, mental health crisis intervention, and de-escalation techniques. These programs will equip officers with the necessary skills to handle complex situations effectively​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  2. Continuous Professional Development:
    • Regular training sessions and workshops will ensure that officers stay updated on the latest practices and technologies, maintaining high standards in law enforcement​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  3. Leadership Development:
    • Leadership development programs will prepare officers for supervisory and managerial roles, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within the Sheriff’s office​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.

Promoting Community Engagement and Collaboration

  1. Community Policing:
    • Minerva’s community policing strategy emphasizes building strong relationships between officers and residents through regular community meetings, collaborative problem-solving, and proactive engagement. This approach fosters trust and cooperation, making the community safer and more cohesive​(Minerva4Sheriff)​​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  2. Public Safety Apps:
    • Introducing public safety apps will allow residents to report crimes, receive alerts, and access safety resources easily. These apps will also provide valuable data for law enforcement to address community concerns more effectively​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  3. Partnerships with Local Organizations:
    • Collaborating with non-profits, businesses, and schools is essential for a holistic approach to public safety. Minerva plans to work with these organizations to address the root causes of crime and support community-based initiatives​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.

Implementing Innovative Practices

  1. Restorative Justice Programs:
    • Minerva aims to implement restorative justice programs that focus on reconciliation and rehabilitation, providing alternative resolutions that benefit both victims and offenders​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  2. Mental Health Crisis Response Units:
    • Establishing specialized units trained to handle mental health crises will improve the Sheriff’s office’s response to such incidents. These units will work closely with mental health professionals to provide appropriate care and support​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  3. Technological Innovations in Forensics:
    • Investing in the latest forensic tools and training will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of investigations, helping solve crimes more effectively​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.

Measuring Success and Ensuring Accountability

  1. Performance Reviews:
    • Regular performance reviews of officers and the Sheriff’s office will help identify areas for improvement and ensure that modernization efforts are effective​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  2. Community Feedback:
    • Seeking continuous feedback from residents will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of modernization initiatives. Minerva plans to establish multiple channels for community input, ensuring that the Sheriff’s office remains responsive to public needs​ (Minerva4Sheriff)​.
  3. Transparent Reporting:
    • Transparent reporting of the Sheriff’s office’s activities and outcomes will build trust and demonstrate accountability. This includes publishing regular reports and making data publicly available​(Minerva4Sheriff)​.


Minerva Torres Shelton’s vision for a safer El Paso in 2024 is comprehensive and forward-thinking. By integrating advanced technology, leveraging data-driven strategies, enhancing training and professional development, promoting community engagement, and implementing innovative practices, she aims to create a more efficient, transparent, and effective law enforcement system. Her commitment to continuous improvement and accountability ensures that the Sheriff’s office will meet the evolving needs of the community. Together with the support of El Paso residents, Minerva is poised to lead the charge toward a safer, more secure future for all.

For more information on Minerva Torres Shelton’s campaign and vision for El Paso, visit Minerva4Sheriff.com.