Minerva Shelton




Welcome to Minerva for Sheriff’s official blog! We are excited to share with you our unwavering commitment to creating a safer community for all. With Minerva’s extensive experience and dedication to public safety, we are confident in her ability to lead as Sheriff.

Improving Law Enforcement

One of Minerva’s top priorities is to improve law enforcement practices to ensure a safer environment for everyone. She believes in the power of community policing, where law enforcement officers actively engage with community members to build trust and foster positive relationships. By implementing community policing initiatives, Minerva aims to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, ultimately leading to a safer and more harmonious society.

Additionally, Minerva recognizes the importance of providing ongoing training and support for law enforcement officers. She plans to establish comprehensive training programs that focus not only on technical skills but also on de-escalation techniques, cultural sensitivity, and crisis intervention. By equipping officers with the necessary tools and knowledge, we can ensure they are better prepared to handle various situations and prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.

Collaboration and Accountability

Another crucial aspect of Minerva’s commitment to public safety is fostering collaboration and accountability. She firmly believes in working together with community leaders, organizations, and residents to address the root causes of crime and create effective solutions. Through collaborative efforts, we can develop comprehensive crime prevention strategies, provide support for at-risk individuals, and promote rehabilitative measures that reduce recidivism rates.

Furthermore, Minerva is determined to establish a transparent and accountable law enforcement agency. She plans to implement measures that ensure officers uphold the highest ethical standards and are held accountable for any misconduct or abuse of power. By promoting transparency and accountability, Minerva aims to restore public trust in the Sheriff’s Office and create a more inclusive and equitable criminal justice system.


Minerva’s commitment to public safety goes beyond words; it is a driving force behind her candidacy for Sheriff. Through her dedication to improving law enforcement, fostering collaboration, and promoting transparency, she envisions a safer community for all. Join us in supporting Minerva for Sheriff and together, we can build a better future.