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Hello El Paso! Welcome to another edition of the Minerva4Sheriff blog. Today, we’re focusing on a crucial aspect of law enforcement that significantly impacts community safety: community policing. As a candidate for Sheriff in El Paso County, Minerva Torres brings 25 years of law enforcement experience and a strong commitment to enhancing trust and collaboration between the police and the community. At Minerva4Sheriff, we believe that community policing is essential for creating a safer, more cohesive community. Join us as we explore Minerva’s vision for community policing and how it can make a positive difference in El Paso.

The Importance of Community Policing

Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques. It proactively addresses the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.

  1. Building Trust:
    • Trust between law enforcement and the community is the foundation of effective policing. When residents trust their police officers, they are more likely to cooperate, report crimes, and engage in community safety initiatives.
  2. Enhanced Cooperation:
    • Community policing encourages cooperation between law enforcement and community members. This collaboration leads to better problem-solving and more effective crime prevention strategies.
  3. Improving Public Safety:
    • By addressing the root causes of crime and working closely with community members, community policing helps improve overall public safety and quality of life.

Minerva Torres for Sheriff’s Vision for Community Policing

Minerva Torres for Sheriff is dedicated to implementing a comprehensive community policing strategy in El Paso. Her plan focuses on building strong relationships, enhancing transparency, and fostering collaboration between law enforcement and residents.

Building Strong Relationships

Building strong, positive relationships between law enforcement officers and community members is at the heart of Minerva’s community policing strategy.

  1. Neighborhood Patrols:
    • Minerva plans to increase neighborhood patrols where officers engage with residents, attend local events, and build familiarity with the community. This increased presence helps deter crime and fosters trust.
  2. Community Liaison Officers:
    • Designating community liaison officers who serve as points of contact for residents ensures consistent communication and support. These officers will work closely with community members to address concerns and develop collaborative solutions.
  3. School Resource Officers:
    • Enhancing the role of school resource officers (SROs) ensures that they serve as mentors and positive influences for students. Minerva plans to provide specialized training for SROs to help them build strong relationships with students and address issues before they escalate.

Enhancing Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are essential components of effective community policing. Minerva Torres for Sheriff is committed to ensuring that the Sheriff’s office operates openly and responsibly.

  1. Body-Worn Cameras:
    • Equipping officers with body-worn cameras promotes transparency and accountability. These devices provide an objective record of interactions between officers and the public, helping to resolve disputes and build trust.
  2. Public Reporting:
    • Minerva plans to enhance public reporting practices, including regular updates on crime statistics, use of force incidents, and community engagement efforts. Making this information readily available ensures that the community is informed and can hold law enforcement accountable.
  3. Independent Oversight:
    • Establishing an independent oversight committee to review complaints and misconduct allegations ensures that investigations are conducted impartially and thoroughly. This promotes accountability and builds trust between law enforcement and the community.

Fostering Collaboration and Problem-Solving

Effective community policing involves collaboration and problem-solving with community members to address the root causes of crime and improve public safety.

  1. Community Advisory Councils:
    • Establishing community advisory councils allows residents to provide input on policies and practices. These councils will meet regularly to discuss community concerns, review law enforcement practices, and provide input on crime prevention strategies.
  2. Neighborhood Watch Programs:
    • Neighborhood watch programs encourage residents to work together to prevent crime and promote safety. Minerva supports expanding these programs and providing resources to help residents organize and maintain them.
  3. Citizen Patrols:
    • Citizen patrols involve residents volunteering to monitor their neighborhoods and report suspicious activities. Minerva plans to support and expand these patrols to enhance community safety.

Leveraging Technology for Community Engagement

Technology plays a vital role in modern community policing strategies. Minerva Torres for Sheriff plans to incorporate advanced technologies that enhance communication and collaboration with the community.

  1. Public Safety Apps:
    • Introducing public safety apps that allow residents to report crimes, receive alerts, and access safety resources can enhance communication and collaboration. These apps can also provide valuable data for law enforcement to address community concerns more effectively.
  2. Interactive Website:
    • Minerva plans to develop an interactive website where residents can submit feedback, report concerns, and access information about the Sheriff’s office. This website will serve as a central hub for community engagement and transparency.
  3. Social Media Engagement:
    • The Sheriff’s office will actively engage with the community on social media platforms. This includes sharing updates, responding to questions, and promoting public safety initiatives. Social media provides a direct and immediate way to connect with residents.

Addressing Root Causes of Crime

Addressing the root causes of crime is essential for effective community policing. Minerva Torres for Sheriff’s plan includes initiatives focused on education, employment, and social services.

  1. Education and Youth Programs:
    • Providing educational opportunities and support for young people can prevent juvenile delinquency and promote positive development. Minerva plans to expand youth mentorship programs, after-school activities, and career and technical education initiatives.
  2. Job Training and Employment Programs:
    • Economic opportunities and stable employment can reduce crime rates by addressing some of the root causes of criminal behavior. Minerva supports initiatives that promote job creation, vocational training, and economic development in high-risk areas.
  3. Access to Social Services:
    • Providing access to social services, such as mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and housing assistance, can help individuals address underlying issues that contribute to criminal behavior. Minerva plans to collaborate with community organizations to ensure that residents have access to these essential services.

Measuring Success and Ensuring Continuous Improvement

To ensure the effectiveness of her community policing initiatives, Minerva Torres for Sheriff is committed to regular evaluation and continuous improvement.

  1. Performance Metrics:
    • Establishing clear performance metrics helps measure the success of community policing efforts. These metrics can include crime reduction rates, community satisfaction levels, and the effectiveness of specific initiatives.
  2. Regular Assessments:
    • Conducting regular assessments of community policing programs ensures that policies and practices are effective and responsive to community needs. Minerva plans to implement a robust assessment system to maintain high standards.
  3. Community Feedback:
    • Seeking continuous feedback from the community provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of community policing efforts. Minerva plans to establish multiple channels for residents to share their feedback and suggestions, ensuring that the Sheriff’s office remains responsive and accountable.


Community policing is essential for building trust, enhancing cooperation, and improving public safety in El Paso. Minerva Torres for Sheriff’s vision for community policing includes building strong relationships, enhancing transparency and accountability, fostering collaboration and problem-solving, leveraging technology for community engagement, and addressing the root causes of crime. Her 25 years of law enforcement experience, combined with her commitment to evidence-based practices and community-focused strategies, make her the ideal candidate to lead El Paso toward a safer future.

At Minerva4Sheriff, we believe that together, we can build a stronger, safer community. Join us in supporting Minerva Torres for Sheriff and help us make a positive difference in our community. Vote for Minerva Torres for Sheriff and support her vision for effective community policing in El Paso County.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Let’s make El Paso safer together!