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As the 2024 election approaches, policing reforms have become a central issue for El Paso voters. The community is seeking ways to improve law enforcement practices, enhance accountability, and ensure public safety. This blog provides an overview of the proposed policing reforms on the ballot, their potential impact on El Paso, and what voters need to know to make informed decisions.

Key Proposed Policing Reforms

  1. Body-Worn Cameras:
    • One of the major reforms on the ballot is the mandatory use of body-worn cameras by all law enforcement officers. This measure aims to increase transparency, provide accountability, and protect both officers and citizens during interactions​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • Studies have shown that body-worn cameras can reduce incidents of use of force and complaints against officers, fostering trust between the police and the community​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
  2. Independent Oversight and Accountability:
    • Another significant proposal is the establishment of an independent oversight committee to review cases of police misconduct. This committee would operate independently from the police department to ensure unbiased investigations and accountability​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • Independent oversight can enhance public trust in the police by demonstrating a commitment to transparency and accountability in handling misconduct allegations​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
  3. De-Escalation Training:
    • The ballot includes a proposal for mandatory de-escalation training for all officers. This training focuses on techniques to reduce the intensity of conflicts and resolve situations peacefully without resorting to force​(Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • Effective de-escalation training can reduce the likelihood of violent encounters and improve outcomes for both law enforcement and the community​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
  4. Mental Health Crisis Intervention:
    • A crucial reform is the integration of mental health crisis intervention teams within the police force. These teams, composed of specially trained officers and mental health professionals, would respond to incidents involving individuals experiencing mental health crises​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • This approach ensures that individuals receive appropriate care and support, reducing the risk of harm and improving overall public safety​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.

Potential Impact on El Paso

  1. Enhanced Public Trust:
    • Implementing these reforms is likely to enhance public trust in law enforcement. When the community sees that the police are committed to transparency, accountability, and non-violent conflict resolution, their confidence in law enforcement improves​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • Trust is essential for effective policing, as it encourages community cooperation and support​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
  2. Improved Officer and Community Safety:
    • Body-worn cameras and de-escalation training can significantly improve the safety of both officers and community members. Cameras provide a clear record of interactions, which can protect officers from false accusations and citizens from misconduct​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • De-escalation training equips officers with skills to handle tense situations calmly, reducing the likelihood of injuries and fatalities​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
  3. Better Handling of Mental Health Crises:
    • Integrating mental health crisis intervention teams ensures that individuals in crisis receive the help they need. This approach can reduce the strain on police resources and provide more effective support for vulnerable populations​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • Properly addressing mental health crises can prevent unnecessary incarcerations and improve community health outcomes​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.

Voter Considerations

  1. Understanding the Proposals:
    • Voters need to thoroughly understand each proposed reform, including its goals, implementation process, and potential benefits. Information sessions, community meetings, and educational materials can help voters make informed decisions​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • Local media, candidate forums, and advocacy groups often provide detailed analyses and discussions on the proposed reforms​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
  2. Evaluating Candidate Positions:
    • It is essential for voters to evaluate the positions of candidates running for office concerning these policing reforms. Candidates’ support or opposition to specific reforms can significantly impact their implementation and effectiveness​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • Voters should look for candidates who prioritize community safety, transparency, and accountability in law enforcement​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
  3. Community Engagement:
    • Active community engagement is crucial for the success of policing reforms. Voters are encouraged to participate in discussions, provide feedback, and hold elected officials accountable for their commitments to these reforms​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.
    • Engaging with local law enforcement agencies and community organizations can provide valuable insights into the practical implications of the proposed reforms​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​​ (Minerva for Sheriff)​.


Policing reforms on the 2024 ballot in El Paso aim to enhance transparency, accountability, and public safety. Proposed measures such as body-worn cameras, independent oversight, de-escalation training, and mental health crisis intervention are designed to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community. Understanding these reforms and their potential impact is crucial for voters as they make informed decisions that will shape the future of policing in El Paso.

For more information on the proposed policing reforms and how to participate in the upcoming election, visit Minerva4Sheriff.com.