Minerva Shelton




Investing in the youth of El Paso is crucial for creating a safer, more prosperous community. Minerva Torres Shelton, a candidate for Sheriff in El Paso County, recognizes the importance of proactive youth engagement and comprehensive crime prevention strategies. This blog explores Minerva’s plan to engage with young people, prevent juvenile delinquency, and foster a supportive environment for the youth of El Paso County.

The Importance of Youth Engagement and Crime Prevention

Youth engagement and crime prevention are critical components of effective law enforcement. By providing young people with positive opportunities and support, communities can reduce the likelihood of juvenile delinquency and create a foundation for a safer future.

  1. Preventing Juvenile Delinquency:
    • Early intervention and support can prevent young people from engaging in criminal activities. Addressing the root causes of delinquency and providing constructive alternatives can significantly reduce crime rates.
  2. Building Positive Relationships:
    • Positive relationships between young people and law enforcement are essential for fostering trust and cooperation. When young people view officers as mentors and allies, they are more likely to seek help and avoid criminal behavior.
  3. Empowering the Next Generation:
    • Empowering young people with the skills and resources they need to succeed is crucial for their personal growth and the community’s future. Education, mentorship, and recreational programs can help youth build a strong foundation for a successful life.

Minerva’s Key Initiatives for Youth Engagement

Minerva Torres Shelton’s plan for youth engagement and crime prevention includes several key initiatives designed to support young people and create a safer community.

Expanding Youth Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs are a cornerstone of Minerva’s approach to youth engagement. These programs connect young people with positive role models who can provide guidance, support, and encouragement.

  1. Law Enforcement Mentorship:
    • Minerva plans to expand existing mentorship programs that pair young people with law enforcement officers. These relationships can help break down barriers and build trust, while also providing youth with valuable insights into the role of law enforcement in their community.
  2. Community Mentorship Initiatives:
    • In addition to law enforcement mentorship, Minerva supports community-based mentorship initiatives that involve local leaders, business owners, and educators. These programs can provide a diverse range of perspectives and opportunities for youth.
  3. Support for At-Risk Youth:
    • Targeting at-risk youth with specialized mentorship programs can help address specific challenges they may face. Minerva plans to implement mentorship initiatives that focus on youth who are at higher risk of delinquency, providing them with the support they need to stay on a positive path.

Implementing Educational and Recreational Programs

Educational and recreational programs are essential for engaging young people and providing them with constructive activities.

  1. After-School Programs:
    • Minerva plans to expand after-school programs that offer educational support, recreational activities, and safe spaces for young people to spend their time. These programs can help prevent juvenile delinquency by keeping youth engaged in positive pursuits.
  2. Summer Camps and Workshops:
    • Offering summer camps and workshops focused on various interests, such as sports, arts, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), can provide young people with opportunities to explore their passions and develop new skills.
  3. Career and Technical Education:
    • Career and technical education programs can prepare young people for future employment opportunities. Minerva supports initiatives that provide vocational training and job readiness programs, helping youth gain valuable skills and experience.

Strengthening School and Community Partnerships

Strong partnerships between schools, community organizations, and law enforcement are crucial for effective youth engagement and crime prevention.

  1. School Resource Officers:
    • Minerva plans to enhance the role of school resource officers (SROs) by ensuring they are trained to serve as mentors and positive role models. SROs can play a key role in building relationships with students and addressing issues before they escalate.
  2. Collaborative Programs with Schools:
    • Collaborating with schools to implement programs that address bullying, substance abuse, and other issues can create a safer and more supportive environment for students. Minerva supports initiatives that promote a positive school climate and provide resources for students in need.
  3. Community-Based Organizations:
    • Partnering with community-based organizations that focus on youth development can enhance the support available to young people. Minerva plans to work closely with these organizations to expand their reach and impact.

Fostering a Supportive Environment for Youth

Creating a supportive environment for young people involves addressing their needs and providing resources that promote their well-being.

  1. Mental Health Support:
    • Access to mental health services is essential for young people’s well-being. Minerva plans to increase the availability of mental health resources for youth, including counseling services and support groups.
  2. Substance Abuse Prevention:
    • Preventing substance abuse among young people is a key aspect of Minerva’s crime prevention strategy. She supports programs that educate youth about the dangers of substance abuse and provide support for those struggling with addiction.
  3. Family Support Services:
    • Supporting families is crucial for the overall well-being of young people. Minerva plans to enhance family support services, providing resources and assistance to families in need.

Addressing Specific Community Concerns

Minerva Torres Shelton’s plan also includes strategies to address specific concerns raised by the community. These targeted initiatives are designed to respond directly to the needs and issues identified by residents.

  1. Addressing Racial Profiling:
    • Racial profiling is a significant concern for many communities. Minerva is committed to eliminating this practice through strict policies, regular training, and oversight. She plans to implement data collection and analysis to monitor and prevent racial profiling.
  2. Improving Response to Mental Health Crises:
    • Properly responding to mental health crises is a critical aspect of community safety. Minerva plans to establish specialized units trained in crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques. These units will work closely with mental health professionals to provide appropriate responses and support.
  3. Supporting Victims of Crime:
    • Providing support to victims of crime is a priority for Minerva. She plans to enhance victim support services within the Sheriff’s office, offering resources, counseling, and assistance to help victims navigate the criminal justice system and recover from their experiences.

Measuring Success and Ensuring Continuous Improvement

To ensure the effectiveness of her youth engagement and crime prevention initiatives, Minerva Torres Shelton is committed to regular evaluation and continuous improvement.

  1. Performance Metrics:
    • Establishing clear performance metrics for youth programs will help measure their success and impact. These metrics can include participation rates, academic performance, and reductions in juvenile delinquency.
  2. Regular Assessments:
    • Conducting regular assessments of youth programs and initiatives will help identify areas for improvement and ensure that resources are being used effectively.
  3. Community Feedback:
    • Seeking continuous feedback from the community, including young people and their families, will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of programs and initiatives. Minerva plans to establish multiple channels for residents to share their feedback and suggestions.


Focusing on youth and crime prevention is essential for creating a safer and more prosperous community. Minerva Torres Shelton’s comprehensive plan for El Paso County includes expanding mentorship programs, implementing educational and recreational initiatives, strengthening school and community partnerships, and fostering a supportive environment for young people. Her commitment to investing in youth is an investment in the future of El Paso County.

As residents consider their choices for the upcoming Sheriff election, Minerva Torres Shelton stands out as a candidate dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of young people. Her vision for a safer, more supportive community reflects her understanding of the importance of proactive crime prevention and youth engagement.

Vote for Minerva Torres Shelton and support her vision for protecting our future by focusing on youth and creating a safer El Paso County.